Joining the Air Cadets opens up lots of opportunities, including the chance to fly! It’s our aim to get you airborne as often as possible, as a passenger in a light aircraft, a glider or even on-board RAF aircraft such as a Typhoon fast-jet or a Chinook helicopter.

Most cadet flying is carried out with one of the RAF Air Experience Flights spread across the country. These regular flying opportunities are specifically to give cadets the hands-on experience of flying in an aircraft. The AEFs share a fleet of Grob Tutor aircraft with the RAFs University Air Squadrons which are operated by a private company. However, the pilots are very experienced and all are either currently serving or former military pilots. This gives the cadets the best possible experience, being instructed in how to fly a real aircraft by an experienced instructor. During these flights the cadets do not just sit back and enjoy the ride, they will be fully involved. In their first few flights they will be shown the basic controls of the aircraft, turning, climbing and descending. The cadet will actually take control of the aircraft for some of the flight which normally lasts about 30 minutes. Cadets can also experience the thrill of aerobatics, if they want to.

Vigliant GliderGliding in the Air Cadets is carried out at one of the many Volunteer Gliding Squadrons (VGS) dotted around the country. As the name suggests these are run by volunteers, who are a mixture of RAFVR(T) officers, ATC Adult NCOs, Civilian Gliding Instructors and some serving military personnel.

Cadets over 16 get the opportunity to apply for both gliding and flying scholarships, allowing them to earn their wings. You could go solo before you’ve passed your driving test!

 Cadet Aviation Familiarization Course (FAM)

Provides an introduction to basic Principles of Flight, aircraft Instrumentation and Airfield layout

Blue Wings Aviation Training Package(Blue AVP)

Introduces further aeronautical concepts followed by a glider flight at a VGS

Bronze Wings Aviation Training Package (Bronze ATP)

Expanded ground school training and airborne tuition

Silver Wing Gliding Scholarship (SGS)

Provides an opportunity to fly a glider to Solo Standard

Gold Wings Gliding Training (GWGT)

Provides opportunity for selected cadets to undertake advanced gliding training.